Dungeons and sub levels


Under Hogwarts Castle

Notable Places

Chamber of Secrets,Slytherin Dungeon,Potions Classroom


Potions Master,Slytherins,etc


Harry Potter books

There are many dungeons and sub levels underneath the castle.These include:


The Dungeons are located underneath the castle and are much colder than up there.


Potions Classroom:This place is home to Potions Class.It is a large sort of oval shape with many doors leading off it.

Slytherin Dungeon:Slytherin's base.It is located behind a wall in the Dungeons and is located under the lake.

Unknown Dungeon:Site of Deathday Party

Sub levelsEdit

Chamber of SecretsEdit

A room built by Salazar Slytherin,it is a large temple-like room with a statue of Slytherin himself,a very high ceiling and lots of pillars

The Chamber LegendEdit

There were four founders of Hogwarts:Godric Gryffindor,Helga Hufflepuff,Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw.Slytherin wanted only the wizard-born students to be admitted to the school.The founders refused and,as a result,Slytherin left.He built a secret room in the castle of which the founders knew nothing with a monster to guard it.The legend says that one day,Slytherin's Heir will be able to open the chamber and control the horror inside,purging all the Muggle borns from Hogwarts.

Marauders Map RoomsEdit

These rooms go up and are where the Weasley twins hid the Marauders Map.They hid it in the center of the first room,on a particularly tall obelisk.They contain traps and pits.

Chambers of ChallengesEdit

These sub levels are known to contain pits and traps.

Known ChambersEdit

Flipendo Challenge:This place contains a passageway which has many dangerous obstacles

Lumos Challenge :The pits here are more deadly and there is even Nearly Headless Nick's secret napping place near a bridge leading to a room around a pit.

Incendio Challenge: This challenge takes place in a greenhouse and has dangerous plants in it.