Harry potter

Harry Potter also also know as the boy who lived & the chossen.

Harry Potter also known also the boy who lived & the chossen Relatives

James Potter (Dad)

Lilly Potter (nee Evans) (Mom)

Ginny Molly Potter (nee Weasly) (Wife)

James Sirius Potter (son)

Albus Severus Potter (son)

Lilly Luna Potter (daughter)

Sirius Black (godfather) Wands - Elder Wand CORE thestrial hairEdit

                                                                                          Holly wand CORE Phoenix feather 11 in.
                                                                                                 Blackthorn wand CORE (uknown) 10 in.
                                                                                                   hawlthorn wand CORE Unicorn tail hair 10 in.

After the war, Harry became an Auror and married his best friend Ron's younger sister, Ginny Weasley, with whom he had three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. Harry was also named the godfather of Teddy Remus Lupin. Family

Peverell Family
Salazar Slytherin
Antioch Peverell Cadmus Peverell Ignotus Peverell
Many Generations Many Generations
Marvolo Gaunt
Black family
Morfin Gaunt Merope Gaunt Tom Riddle Sr
Tom Marvolo Riddle Septimus Weasley Cedrella Black Mr and Mrs Dursley Mr and Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Potter
Apolline Delacour Monsieur Delacour Molly Prewett Arthur Weasley Marjorie Dursley Vernon Dursley Petunia Evans Lily Evans James Potter
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