Hogwarts Castle is divided into floors.From the ground floor to the seventh floor,these are:

Ground FloorEdit

This place is home to the Entrance Hall which is the entryway in. And also the Great Hall (first door on the right).On the left is the entrance to the Dungeons


Entrance Hall:This room is very big with a very high ceiling and a staircase at its end leads to the upper floors.It is also the home of the House Point Hourglasses which measure house points

Great Hall:This room is the dining room of the school.It has a wall with banners on it at the end which has the high table,each with the first initials of the four houses

First FloorEdit

Home to Transfiguration Classroom.It is also the place where the Courtyard is.There is also a haunted bathroom which is out of order.


Transfiguration Classroom:Home to Transfiguration Class,which teaches students how to turn animals into something.

Courtyard:There are cloisters located around this courtyard.Home to Transfiguration Classroom and Astronomy Tower

Astronomy Tower:Tallest tower in the school.

Second FloorEdit

This floor is the home of Charms Class and site of the Petrification.Also location of the Library


Second Floor Corridor:Site of writing mysteriously appearing on the walls saying "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened.Enemies of the Heir beware".

Myrtle's Bathroom:This bathroom is haunted by a ghost girl called Myrtle.It is out of order because she keeps having tantrums and flooding the place.

Library:A storehouse for magical books and references.Also home to the Restricted Section,which contains books about Black Magic of the Worst Kind.

Third FloorEdit

This floor was once forbidden to go.It is home to a statue of a one-eyed humpbacked witch.It is located on the right hand side.


Third Floor Corridor:This corridor was forbidden to go once because it was the location of the entrance to the rooms of The Philosophers Stone (The Sorcerers Stone).

D.A.D.A classroom:It is a large room with a flight of stairs leading to the teacher's office.A dragon's skeleton hangs from the ceiling.

Fourth FloorEdit

This floor is home to the History of Magic Classroom.


History of Magic Classroom:Home to the subject taught by Professor Binns.

Trophy Room:All the trophies are kept here.

Fifth FloorEdit

This floor is home to the Muggle Studies Classroom.


Muggle Studies Classroom:Where Muggle Studies takes place.

Room of Showcases:This room shows Muggle objects.

Sixth FloorEdit

This floor is the home of another disused bathroom.


East Wing:A large set of rooms leading to the rooms of the Marauders Map.

Glanmore Peakes Corridor:A corridor leading to the East Wing.Named after Glanmore Peakes,slayer of the Sea Serpent of Cromer.

Disused Bathroom:The Weasley twins used it as a shop.

Seventh FloorEdit

Home of Gryffindor Tower.


Fat Lady's Corridor:The entrance to Gryffindor Tower (behind the portrait of the Fat Lady) and the North Wing.

North Wing:One of the wings of the castle.